Ok so let’s be honest- where you are going to eat, isn’t gonna be top of the things you’re mulling over when you’re booking your holiday to Zante this summer! But once you’ve taken all that the Zante nightlife has to throw at you, definitely try and make sure you delve into the local cuisine in some of the authentic Greek Zante Restaurants, because the food here in Laganas is simply out of this world!

    GUIDE 2024
    We absolutely adore the Cool Peppers Restaurant in Zante and it easily nudges it’s way into the top three of our favourite Zante restaurant list! so what makes this funky little restaurant so special? well for us there is no better place to watch the incredible vistas of the Zante Sunset… what an amazing backdrop whilst eating such delicious freshly prepared food. Definitely check out the ‘Zante Famous’ Finger-Licking Ribs they serve there, it’s worth coming to Zante for just for them! Also there Greek dishes are to die for! Definitely a must if you’re heading to Zante in 2023!
    This life-saver of a restaurant means the Nando’s withdrawal symptoms won’t be too severe when you land in Zante. Expect to find all of your Nando’s favourites on the menu, such as butterfly chicken, peri peri burger and peri chips, and your half peri chickens! The food is absolutely mouth-watering here and the serving sizes are great. Next door is the infamous Drunken Duncan’s bar- (see Zante Bar Guide) so make sure you wash down your chicken feast with one of his super strong cocktails! We also love the location of this joint, with it being just a couple of minutes walk/ stagger/ crawl (delete as appropriate) from the Zante strip!
    A fantastic high end authentic Greek restaurant, with a menu simply unrivalled anywhere on the island! Fresh locally caught fish, succulent steaks and the most delicate Greek cuisine. Essence is the perfect place for that one special night out on your Zante Holiday, to get dressed up and try the local cuisine! It didn’t get voted as the best restaurant in Zante on Trip-advisor for no reason! Simply incredible- make sure you don’t miss out on this one.
    No ‘list of the best Zante restaurants’ would be complete without a visit to this absolute peach of a restaurant- set in iconic 1950’s American diner decor, with gigantic comfy booths- this is hands down the most popular restaurant in Zante by an absolute mile. Chevys is located right in the middle of the Zante strip means you will definitely not miss it! Expect all the American diner classics; succulent beef burgers, tantalising chicken fajitas and there belly busting chillie con-carne- oh and it also does a cracking English breakfast to soak up the alcohol from the night before! This Zante restaurant is also extremely popular with the Zante workers which is always a great indicator that the food and service is always top-notch.
    At some point on your Zante holiday it’s great to venture out of laganas, away from the Zante strip and Zante nightlife areas and explore a little further of this beautiful island. It’s a well known fact that once you’re away from the Zante strip that the restaurants increase significantly in quality and value. One of our absolute faves is the legendary Bon Amici! Situated in the idyllic kalamki, this family run Italian restaurant serves up all the traditional Italian favourites, with a mouth watering menu of authentic Italian pizzas and a wholesome array of pasta dishes. Special mention goes out to the owner Nico- and his famous local wine! Beware this stuff is ridiculously strong but tastes incredible… there are also some beautiful little alternative bars here if you fancy a little chill time away from the Zante nightlife.
    If it’s traditional and truly authentic Zante Restaurant with organic Greek food that you are after then look no further than the Olive Tree. This quaint Zante restaurant is well loved by everyone in laganas. Make sure you try the lamb kofte kababs, moussaka, dolmades and the kletchko lamb- they are all delicious at this little hidden gem of a Zante restaurant. Like we said this restaurant is as Greek as it gets- you’ll be smashing plates before you know it!
    Yep we admit a large reason this place made our definitive list for the best Zante restaurants is because of the incredible setting! (Although the food is definitely not bad either!) Down at Boulevard Beach Bar you will get to lap up everything this beautiful little beachside venue has to offer- the golden sands and crystal blue waters around you whilst dining, really is something quite spectacular. At Boulevard the food quality and servings size are also truly something special- perfect for fish/ seafood lovers… oh and don’t leave without trying their world renowned chocolate sufflet.
    All of the Zante bars down the Zante strip will showcase all the premiership football but sometimes you can’t beat watching it with your feet up and a big bowl of chicken wings! This British themed restaurant/ pub is perfect for that hungover day where you literally can’t move! PLUS as much as it was great breaking free from your mum for a week, be honest with yourselves and admit you’re missing her roast dinners? Well, here at Mythos Time they serve incredible Sunday Roast dinners with Hollyoaks playing on the large screens around you… it’s like you never left the Uk!
    So after all our expert advice on the best Greek Zante restaurants and how it’s suicide not to try the local cuisine, we are now going to indulge you in a little bit of legendary Zante fast food folklore! Down at BJ’s you’ll get some of the juiciest and succulent burgers known to you mankind, double that with some of the tastiest milkshakes we’ve ever tried and you’ll see why the queue snakes out of the door of this joint every night! Oh and did we mention it does ONE euro slices of Chicago deep pan pizza? No? ahh well now you know!