Tenerife has desirable weather all year around and this is why the Canaries are so popular for party holidays! Sit back and relax, we are going to bring you the low down on the weather in Tenerife month by month.


    Tenerife has warmish weather all year around but December and January are the coldest month having an average temperature of just 17 degrees, this is still ten degrees higher than the UK average for January and December and this is one reason why Tenerife is a popular holiday destination during the winter! The island is popular with Tenerife Stag and Hen Groups all year around and the Tenerife Ultimate Events Package is also available all year around making the Tenerife an excellent choice for your Tenerife Party holiday. During the summer average temperatures are around 21 in June, 23 in July and 24 degrees celsius in August, but this is only an average high temperatures will be closer to 30 degrees. Please see Average Temperature graph for month to month averages.


    The fantastic news is that you can sun bathe in Tenerife all year around, yes you heard that right ALL YEAR AROUND! This also means the the Tenerife Boat Party sails all year around too! With average highs of 20 degrees even during the winter. During the summer the high temperature average raises to around 28 degrees in August but you are usually guaranteed a few days touching 30 degrees for June, July and August. The average low temperature comes at night and this is 14 degrees celsius during the winter on average so it may be wise to wear a jacket at night time but generally it is always pleasant although it can be a little windy on the Canaries. During the summer low average temperatures will drop to 18 degrees in June, 19 in July and 20 in August it would be wise to invest in a hotel with air con or at least a good fan! You won’t need outer clothing during the summer and most gents dress in a T shirt and shorts whilst the ladies usually opt for a loose top or dress. Kaluna Beach is open all year around in Tenerife and this is a great place to have a day session, beds are included with the Tenerife Events Package. The night life is thriving all year too so be sure to join on the famous bar crawls and go from bar to bar around Playa de las Americas with your My Party Holiday reps


    The average rainfall in Tenerife varies a lot from month to month as you can see in Diagram 3. In the winter months you can expect much more rainfall. For example in December and January you can expect 56 and 43 mm of rain for the month whereas in the summer there may no rain during June, July and August. This is considerably drier than the UK where the average is 87mm in December and 83mm in January and 62mm in June, 63 in July and 69mm in August. So if you want to escape the rain Tenerife is always a good shout!


    You can really make the most of the Sun shine in Tenerife! During the shortest days in December and January you can still get a good 6 hours of sunshine to get your tan on! Whereas in the summer months you can expect 10 hours of sunshine tanning time on average every day! This is partying at your favourite beach clubs, tanning at the hotel, or onboard the infamous Tenerife Boat Party!


    There is more positive news prior to your Tenerife holiday! The sea is always warm! The average sea temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees celsius and it can rise up to 24 just after the summer! So get your swim costume out and get on that Tenerife Booze Cruise which is always the best day of your Tenerife holiday especially considering it comes with a 3 hour Free Bar!


    The chance of rain in Tenerife is minimal in comparison to the UK! However in the winter there is an 11% chance of Rain in December and 17% chance in January. This is still minimal so you may receive one rainy day per week during the winter. During the summer months there is next to no chance of rainfall, in fact in July the chance of rain is less than 1%! This is another reason why you should book your Tenerife holiday with us today!