You’ve just landed in Zante for a week of sun, sea and Sambuca! With pre-drinks on the balcony over and done with it’s time to hit the famous Zante Strip and start exploring its incredible array of Bars! The amount of Zante Bars down the Zante Strip means their is literally something for everyone! From indie, R&B and house music, to roof top bars and VIP terraces! Here’s a list of some of our favourite bars- make sure you pay them all a visit whilst you’re here!

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    In the heart of the Zante nightlife you’ll find G-Spot Bar which has become a firm favourite drinking destination within the Zante nightlife scene. G-Spot is situated just before the Zante Strip, which makes It the perfect Zante bar for the essential Pre-Drinks before you step foot on the madness and intensity of the Zante strip. You can always find a sofa or table with a great ambiance and classy cocktails which helps get you in the mood for the night ahead!The cocktail menu also consists of some great drinks- including Mojito’s, Daquiri’s, Porn Star Martini’s and many many others which you definitely need to try whilst you’re here. We highly recommend this Zante Bar as the first place to get your night started
    Located at the top of the Zante Strip. Plus always has the definitive holiday summer vibe flowing all night, with great music and dance floor fillers at their absolute best. For those of you love the highlife, this Zante bar even has an amazing, luxurious VIP terrace that gives an incredible view of the pulsating crowd passing through the Zante Strip. Fantastic for sitting back with a drink in your hand and watching the Zante nightlife unfold before you!Take advantage of the waitress and bottle service at Plus – It can be a great money saver if you’re in a group by buying a bottle of your favourite mixers whilst partying away on the terrace. Plus Club is also well known to host some of the best events happening on the Zante Strip over the last few years. this Zante bar should be an absolute must on your Zante bucket list this summer.
    Sugar Bar is a Massively Popular Zante bar on the Zante strip for thousands of tourists each summer. The DJ down at Sugar Bar will have the greatest summer tunes from: House, R&B and the latest chart releases to get your night off to a fantastic start.Sugar is also one of the best Zante bars to catch your favourite sports live on the big screen. Sugar bar really has something for everyone- and this is why its cemented its place as one of the best that the Zante nightlife has to offer!
    The world famous Linekers bar franchise continues to grow and grow and Zante is now home to the latest addition in the Linekers Family. This modern little Zante bar is nestled towards the bottom of the Zante strip and has become one of the ‘Go-To’ places with both workers and tourists alike. We have to give a special shout out to their beer garden which will remind you of the one day a year in England when everyone goes hysterical cause the suns out and decides to get legless ‘pub beer garden style’.Linekers is a great place to get your night started in style with both classy cocktails and vip booths for those who like it a little more up market. Linekers bar is also a great spot for all the music lovers- expect some amazing sets with the ‘twice as nice’ dance label… the DJ’s In this cosy Zante bar really know how to get the party started!
    This cool alternative rooftop bar is a great addition to the Zante Strip and has really brought something new to the Zante nightlife scene.We all need at least a few hours of the holiday away from pulsating dance and house music that occupies almost every other Zante Bar. If you’re looking for something more laid back you’re guaranteed a great time here. Indie Rock and the Brit pop classics are on non-stop and the atmosphere is a Haven away from the other Zante bars along the Zante strip. Expect classics such as Oasis, The Smiths, Blur, Arctic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs. This bar is really popular among Zante workers and it’s easy to see why!Indie Rock Bar also has its own dentist drinking chair. If your friend has a birthday, you can force him to sit on the chair to get a bottle of drink poured down his or her throat! Great for the instagram and a guarantee it will be a night none of you will forget in a hurry!
    The ‘cheeky’ and wonderfully whacky cheeky tikis is one of the stand out bars in Zante for more reasons than one! The Hawain bamboo bar is loved by everyone who visits it, and it’s been thriving on the Zante nightlife scene for many years now. No trip down the Zante strip is complete without it! So leave the snobbery at the doorstep and delve into its exquisite cocktail list. Stick On the Hawaiian hula hula shirt, stick on the crazy glasses and whack on the floral necklace and let your hair down cheeky tiki style! It’s an experience like no other else you will find in Zante! Alohaaaaaaa!!!!
    For those of you holiday BIG drinkers then look no further than this colossus of a party bar down the Zante strip! Dubbed the BIGGEST pre-drinking bar amongst the world Renowned Zante nightlife scene! Get your night started off with the incredible flair bar tenders mixing you some of the most weird, whacky and POTENT cocktails you’ve ever had all served up, in yep, you guessed it goldfish bowls with giant straws which are perfect for when you and your squad wanna get absolutely hammered! With its great location down the middle of the Zante strip this Zante bar is always going off every night all summer! Live DJ’s, big atmosphere and a lively crowd always guaranteed! So all you have to decide now is what size goldfish bowl you’re gonna take on: small, medium, large or the ULTIMATE! Whatever you decide your night is gonna go off with a bang!!
    Zeus Bar is the name and world class cocktails is the game! This beautiful little family run bar is what we like to call a little hidden gem within the rest of the bars in Zante. We are all up for partying till you drop but for the one night that you want quality over quantity and a night of chilled music and seductive lighting then definitely give this charming little Zante bar a chance. A small walk from the Zante strip it’s a great place to go and unwind- definitely the best cocktails on the island in our experience!
    We love how the name of this legendary place sums up what it’s all about!Forget the drinks, music and atmosphere- It’s actually ‘Drunken Duncan’ the bar manager that makes this place what it is! He really looks after his guests and make you feel part of the family,No silly watered down drinks to be found here- just great quality drinks, top shelf spirits and pure party atmosphere. This Zante bar really stands out alone in so many ways- all for the right reasons!Make sure you try The ‘mindblaster’ (10 spirits in one glass) seems to be a favourite for people wanting to get leathered! Not recommended when you have an early morning flight home or boat party as the hangovers you’ll have the next day are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! As the saying goes ‘if you didn’t lose your memory in Drunken Duncan’s, did you even really go to Zante at all!’ All in all, a fantastic party bar with a difference!
    Let’s be honest lads, all the sun, sea and Sambuca in the world isn’t gonna stop us getting our fix of the premiership games or the Euros! When it comes to watching the game this is the place to be. Must Sports Bar is in a great location- just away from the cacophony of the strips blaring dance music but close enough to walk (or stumble/ crawl) to it as soon as the game is over! Showing all the best live sports there is, including: Live Boxing, Live Football, MMA pay per view and Wimbledon! Plus you get the commentary as well in English- cause let’s be honest we all wanna hear the banter between Carragher and Neville! All in all a great bar, with huge screens and a good selection of all your favourite beers on draft, all at a reasonable price!