If you’re looking for jobs in Tenerife, My Party Holiday are working alongside some of the best working holiday companies in Europe. If you want to work for our every growing team or working in one of the 12 party resorts we work in. Just drop us a message and speak to your My Party Holiday Expert.

    GUIDE 2024
    Here at my Party Holiday we require in resort reps to join our ever growing team. We are looking for individuals high in energy who enjoy working within a team. The role is to ensure My Party Holiday Tenerife Guests have an amazing holiday and to direct them to the events in the Tenerife VIP Ultimate Package . The role will also have a strong focus on building new relationships with existing suppliers and new suppliers in Tenerife.AdvantagesChance to join an ever growing company with potential to work in different holiday resorts.Tenerife Accommodation is included.Get to party on the Tenerife Events.Free drinks on the Tenerife events.Work within a team.Looks great on your CV.Meet new people every day.Average Pay and shiftsExcellent pay with bonuses based on Tenerife reviews.
    You will be shaking cocktails, pouring shots and opening beers for thousands of thirsty tourists all day or night long. Staff are needed for all sorts of bars – from the quiet beach bars to the busy super clubs.AdvantagesFun Party atmosphereMeeting new people every nightFree drinks while workingWorking in a teamGreat Tips!Average Pay and shifts€30-€50 per night, hours may vary 6-8 hours
    Do you have what it takes to help people have the time of their lives on a boat in the sun? It’s a tough job, but someone needs to do it! You make sure everybody on the boat is having a good time, you pour shots down them, and help the DJ out with the onboard games. You’ll also need to sell as many tickets as you can for the event – which shouldn’t be that hard! This is a fast-paced role which is extremely rewarding.AdvantagesShort hoursYou can have another jobYou get to party on every boat partyFree drinks while workingGreat fun and minimal stressAverage Pay and shifts€5-€20 per ticket, hours may be long
    There are some amazing restaurants on the island that we recommend in Malia from traditional Greek to Mexican! Please see the Malia Restaurant guide for more information on the top restaurants we recommend. ! Malia is also home to all your usual the fast food restaurants ones you would expect too so if you fancy a McDonald’s milkshake and a Big Mac you can get that too!
    You’ll need to be energetic, confident, and able to talk to hundreds of people every night. This is one of the most popular jobs in resort, which entails approaching tourists and using your charm to lure them into the best bars and clubs on the island. Not exactly a hard job, when you consider 99.9% of all the people in these resorts are here to drink and have a good time.AdvantagesVibrant party atmosphereMaking new friends every nightFree drinks while workingCan earn a lot of moneyAverage Pay and shifts€30-€50 per night/day, hours may vary
    With thousands of party-goers downing thousands and thousands of drinks, empty glasses need to be collected as quickly as possible. Bars and clubs need them to be washed quickly and back in the hands of customers, and they need to keep their customers safe.AdvantagesMeeting new people every nightFree drinks while workingFun and minimal stressFlexible shiftsAverage Pay and shifts€20-€40 per night/day, hours may vary
    Getting paid to sell shots to thirsty tourists – one of the easiest and profitable jobs in the resort! This job is one of the most popular in the resorts. If you’re flirty, friendly, and confident, this is the perfect job for you. With your wages on a commission basis, a little charm will go a long way. The earning potential is uncapped.AdvantagesMeeting new people every nightCan earn big moneyGet to work at your own paceFree drinks whilst workingAverage Pay and shiftsVaries from €20 to over €100 per night.
    From waiting on tables to helping prepare and cook the food, there are plenty of jobs in restaurants each summer. This job is perfect if you love to work in a team. It can be relaxed and can involve working either in the sun or inside an air-conditioned restaurant. Tell us your preference.AdvantagesFree food and drinksWorking in a teamBig tipsAble to finish relatively early so you can still enjoy your nights out.Average Pay and shifts€25-€60 per day/night, hours may vary
    DJs are in high demand in the thousands of bars and clubs in Magaluf and Ayia Napa. The music scene is varied. Some bars need party DJs who talk on the microphone to get the crowd going. House clubs require DJs with a deep knowledge of the genre. No matter what kind of music you play, there will be a bar in need of you! If you can DJ, Ayia Napa and Magaluf are the perfect places to move up the DJ hierarchy and carve out a career.AdvantagesWell paid, in the right venues.Doing something you loveRaises profileAverage Pay and shifts€40-€100 per night depending on experience of course, hours vary.
    Serving high rollers in VIP areas, this job is similar to being a waitress. Typical roles will include serving champagne and vodka and being on hand to help with any requests. This job is considered good fun. It is one of the most desired jobs in the resorts.AdvantagesAmazing tipsMeeting new people every nightFree DrinksAverage Pay and shifts€40-€80 per night, hours may vary
    One of the newest roles on the island, your job will involve painting faces, arms, and legs for one of the many Zoo or Full Moon-themed nights in Resort. You will not need any experience as on the job training will be provided. Having an attention to detail is welcomed, though.AdvantagesCan work other jobs alongsideDoing something for which you have a passionUnleashing your creativityAverage Pay and shiftsOn commission or paid per hour (€10-€20 per hour)
    If you love sales and you love people then this could be the job for you. Depending on which events company you work for you could earn upto €1000 + per week. For this role you will need to be well presented and confident when pitching large groups of poeple. No experience is nessessary as this job role will come with on the job training were you can learn from the more experienced reps in resort.AdvantagesGet to meet new friends every dayResponsibility looking after the guestsPotential to earn un capped commissionFree entrance to the Ayia Napa events.Average Pay and shifts€250 – €1000 per week 9 hours, 7 Days a Week
    You will need to be energetic, fun and professional for this role. A holiday Rep has a natural drive to make peoples holiday one to remember, you will need to be on hand to help a tourist have an enjoyable experience any way possible, whether its answering questions or taking them to the legendary club nights. This job is not for the faint hearted and will require lots of hard work, early mornings and late finishes.AdvantagesGet to meet new friends every dayResponsibility looking after the guestsJob looks great on your CVProgress up the career ladder as a repAverage Pay and shifts€150 per week 4-6 hours
    You’ll need to enjoy dancing in front of people in some of the busiest bars and clubs in Ayia Napa. This job requires both confidence and obviously the ability to dance! These roles will often include day work.AdvantagesAmazing TipsWork in 20 minute shiftsGet to do the job you love!Average Pay and shifts€50 – €80 day / night – 1-6 hours (every 20 minutes)