The Number one thing to do in Ayia Napa this summer is the Ultimate Events Package brought to you by My Party Holiday! Let’s be honest the main reason you come on holiday to Ayia Napa is to party in the sun and experience the amazing Ayia Napa nightlife! The Ultimate events package brings you all the hottest Events at a fraction of the cost that it would cost if you purchased them from a Ayia Napa hotel rep! In fact the package this summer costs just £99 and the events from a rep would cost £215 you’ll save over £100 by purchasing your Ayia Napa events online! This years Ayia Napa Ultimate Package includes 6 events in total with a VIP Wristband also included to save you extra money in the Napa bars, restaurants and shops in and around Ayia Napa. All of the events in the Ayia Napa Ultimate events package are incredible (We only choose the best ones!) The first event in the package is the UV paint Party this is guaranteed to be the messiest and craziest night of your holiday with 5000 litres of neon paint being sprayed from every angle! The Ultimate Event package also includes the hottest day time event the legendary Pambos Rocks Pool Party. This is the best pool party in Ayia Napa with the hottest international acts every week of the summer! Reserve your beds and get the champagne in because this event is VIP! The party does not stop there after Pambos we make our way to VICE which is the biggest house night on the island! We also bring you the hottest night time event at Pambos – Napa Rocks brings you the hottest acts of the summer performed live on stage! There is no better feeling than this open air concert on a warm summer night with thousands of tanned beautiful people dancing the night away! The 4th event we bring you on the Ayia Napa Ultimate package is strictly VIP! very Monday Throughout The Summer Monday Rooftop Club Will Boasting Unrivalled Panoramic views of The Bright Lights Of The Napa Nightlife partying in a boutique hotel. This event is the classiest event to ever hit Ayia Napa. The last event we bring you is the old school Ayia Napa Mayhem Bar Crawl. This event is XXX! Expect this to be the wildest night, with drinking games, competitions, lots of free shots and the chance to party with your My party Holiday reps! The last event included for all My Party Holiday customers is the UK Summer Hyped Reunion hosted by the Geordie Shore OG’s. This is a night where you can meet up with all the people you met on holiday, your reps and some rub shoulders with some famous faces! There will also be a huge International DJ voted for by you playing on the night! Lastly the Ayia Napa Ultimate Package also includes a VIP discount wristband to get cheeky deals across the resort saving you money on drinks, meals, excursions tattoos + much more.
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    Cocktails are served for breakfast in Ayia Napa so why not make the most of your holiday and drink the finest cocktails day and night! There are plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels with extensive cocktail menus so find out your tipple and enjoy being a cocktail connoisseur!
    There are some amazing restaurants on the island that we recommend in Ayia Napa from traditional Greek to Mexican! Please see the Ayia Napa Restaurant guide for more information on the top restaurants we recommend. ! Ayia Napa is also home to all your usual the fast food restaurants ones you would expect too so if you fancy a KFC you can get that too!
    If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs or locally made crafts then Ayia Napa will be a dream for you! Whether you want a I love Ayia Napa T Shirt, a fridge magnet for your family or a locally made ceramic bowl Ayia Napa has it all.
    Nothing screams holiday more than banana boat rides! Nissi Beach has plenty of water sports to choose from! Including jet skis, flying fish and banana boats. You can book from as little as twenty euros with your My party holiday VIP wristband! Group discounts are also available.
    If you enjoy water parks then Ayia Napa is the perfect place for your summer holiday! Water World is one of the top things to do in Ayia Napa. .This water park is one of the biggest in Europe winning 25 awards since it opened its doors in 1996. It has plenty of water slides and facilities to keep you entertained for at least 3 hours. All water parks also have in house restaurants if you wish to dine in the park. If you have a quad bike why not explore the mountain roads on route to the water park.
    Cyprus is home to some of the best beaches in Greece. If you want to drink cocktails on a busy beach try Nissi Beach which is also one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus. If you fancy a smaller quieter beach but still with golden sands and crystal clear waters check out Makronissos which is very clean. This beach offers water sports and other activities such as volley ball but its less quiet than the more touristy Nissi Beach!
    Nothing screams independence like having your own quad bike in Ayia Napa! If you have a driving license then this is a surreal experience for you! Learn how to ride quad bikes and cruise around in the sunshine, throughout the mountains near the beaches! What a feeling! This is extra helpful if you’re hotel is off the main strip or if it’s to hot to walk in the sun! You can ride a quad by yourself or you can have one passenger with you so there is no need for one each and you can share with your friends. Be sure to show your my party holiday wristband when renting your quad bike and you’ll get a discount, or you can book your quad bikes with your my party holiday reps who will always look after you during your holiday!
    Ayia Napa Square is famous for its I Love Ayia Napa sculpture which is pushed hard on Instagram and on Ayia Napa Post Cards! So if you fancy getting a snap next to the big sculpture this is place to go! The square is busy and vibrant and is perfect for those who want to browse the market stalls, shops, restaurants. There is a mixed culture here with a Monastery, water falls, and street vendors. We advise you to check out the Square at least once on your holiday.
    There’s several go kart tracks is open every day of the summer. The tracks are well maintained and conforms to European standards. The go karts are very quick with 200cc engines! If you decide to visit a go kart track be sure to show your My Party Holiday VIP wristband to get discount on your Laps!
    We highly recommend you to visit the Blue Lagoon when you are in Ayia Napa, This natural lagoon is a place of outstanding beauty with crystal clear waters! To get to the blue lagoon you can take a car, It is 3 hours 30 minutes away by car from Ayia Napa so if you are going prepare to spend a day visiting the blue lagoon. Alternatively you can take a boat trip! This is what we recommend as you can relax on the boat and see some cool places and even have dinner cooked for you on board.