In Short– the Weather in Malia is beautiful! Malia is lucky enough to have next to no rain at all from June until September which makes it the perfect holiday destination. One thing is for certain warm weather and blue skies are guaranteed. Please read below for details of Malia weather. Make sure you remember to pack your swim wear and leave your coats back at home!
    We have listed all of the important information about Malia Weather below.
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    On Average there is only 4 days of rain throughout the whole summer in Malia! Luckily the only time you will be getting soaked in Malia is from the legendary Champagne Spray on board the Candy Boat Party. TheCandy boat partywill be sailing every Sunday . It is the ultimate day session from the moment you walk on until the moment you crawl off! The Candy Boat Party is included on theMalia Ultimate Package. See Diagrams for details.In Diagram 1you can see that in June there is 11mm of rain on average, 4mm in July and 2mm in August.In Diagram 2you can see that there are 2 rainy days in June, One in July and One in August on average.


    Remember to wear your sun screen in Malia as its going to be hot! Average temperatures from 20-27 degrees celsius during the summer months June July and August. This makes it perfect for daytime parties. The best parties in the daytime are theCrystal Beach Pool and Foam Partyand theCandy Boat PartyThe night time in Malia is humid and warm so you can leave your denim jeans behind! Most lads will be wearing shorts and a vest at night time in Malia! Whereas the girls will be wearing a top and shorts or a dress. You won’t get cold at nighttime so you won’t need a jacket if you are visiting Malia in the summer months. You can purchase on of the legendary MY Party Holiday fans from your in resort rep. The My Party Holiday Fan will ensure that you are the coolest holiday maker in Malia and the fan is big enough to cool down your friends too. Just watch the attention you get when you get our your large party fan .


    Please see diagram attached for Sunshine hours in Malia. There is a lot of day light hours in Malia so you can go for an evening meal at night time and it will still be light. It will also be light if you stay out on the strip until around 7 in the morning where you can see the beautiful Malia sun rise.
    May – 10 Hours
    June – 12 hours
    July – 12 hours
    August – 12 hours
    Although the weather in Malia is 99% sure to be perfect. If for any reason am event is cancelled due to bad weather, My Party Holiday will refund you or rearrange the event to suit you. This is why it’s very important to book online with us. You will not have this kind of buyer protection if you decide to purchase your Malia events from a street ticket seller. We look forward to seeing you in the sun!